CoffeeShop “Aphrodite Vivid” Photoshop/PSE Fine Art Action!

I love all of my “Aphrodite” actions (I have several), but I wanted a version that had more contrast and color. So today I wrote my newest version, “Aphrodite Vivid”.

This action really brings up the contrast and color in your image and adds a beautiful tint. It is completely customizable and looks great on outdoor images, especially ones with beautiful light. But it also can look lovely on many other types of images. I will walk you through an edit using it below.

The lovely image of the little girl I used in this action tutorial is from Andrea Bacle Photography.

CoffeeShop “Aphrodite Vivid” Photoshop/PSE Action Tutorial:

This is the original image.

This is the image with no changes after running “Aphrodite Vivid”.  As you can see her skin looks sunburned, but it is an easy fix!

I turned on the “Reduce Reds” layer on top, but wanted to keep the vivid reds everywhere but on her skin. So I took a soft black brush and removed that layer off everything but her skin. Now her skin looks great but the rest of the image retains the vivid red color.

I turned up the “Vivid Color” layer to 35%.

Her face was too dark, so I clicked on the “Save the Whites” layer mask and used a soft low opacity black brush on her skin to brighten it.

 Finally, I increased the “Aphrodite Luxe” layer to 85%. I am really pleased with this edit. I hope you have fun playing with it too!

Download the CoffeeShop “Aphrodite Vivid” Photoshop/PSE Fine Art Action.

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