4 Hidden Features Of Photoshop You May Not Know About

4 Hidden Features Of Photoshop You May Not Know About

Image manipulation has become quite flexible and popular due to the presence of Photoshop. Adobe, the parent company and maker of Photoshop revises the application at intervals. Owing to this, the program has more power for the enhancement of designs and changes in workflow.

On the market today, Photoshop is one of the most loaded applications with a wealth of features. Interestingly, an individual may continue to use the application for a long time without unveiling all the abilities of the software.

The aim of this article is to rip off the mask behind several hidden features in Photoshop which include the following:

Selection or Position a shape: There are times when you may draw a selection or shape and the shape seems fine but with a wrong positioning. Do not panic. Focusing on your desired position, hold down the mouse button with the spacebar while moving the selection or shape into the fixed focal point. Afterward, release the spacebar and keep making the shape.

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Time-saving layers panel options: In the top right corner of this panel, there is an icon with a fly out menu. Click this icon. Then, choose ‘panel options’. All the options in the panel should be ignored except the three check marks which are seen at the end of the panel. Whenever the ‘adjustment layer’ is added, there is an option which automatically places an empty mask. It is okay to check off the option called ‘expand new effects’. This is because when the option is checked on, with any Layer Style added to a layer comes a drop down just beneath the layer. When you are concerned about naming in your Layers Panel, the last checkbox is where to go to. For instance, the duplication of a layer may be done with the word ‘Copy’ added or without. You can play with any of the options to check out which features you will like. After all, the littlest of things matter a lot.

The rubber band & Pen Tool: Select the pen tool and start drawing your desired path. Meanwhile, you may want to see where the path is placed. By default, this is not possible. Nevertheless, there is another way around this. Go to the control bar’ you will find a cog wheel icon. Click on this icon and click on the ‘Rubber Band’ option which pops up.

‘Blend If’ Power: In the Blending options, a series of ‘Blend If’ sliders in the dialog box is capable of different blending powers. Double click on any of the layers to open the dialog for Blending Options. The dialog box is the same place where options such as ‘Drop Shadow’ and ‘Stroke’ are found. Choose the ‘Blending Options’ on the top left. Near the bottom of the dialog box slider, there are two sliders. To wash away darker pixels on any layer, slide the dark slider on top. To wash away lighter pixels on any layer, slide the light slider on the top as well. To split the slider or blend the layer further, hold down the Alt/Opt key.

Finally, there are several other features that are yet to be discovered in Photoshop but these four are one of the simplest hacks anyone would love to know first.

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